Picking out the hair color that enhances your looks

Hair dye is a great addition to your hair maintenance if you pick the right color. A lot of people, regardless of gender, opt to go for hair dyes to enhance the way their skin color looks. Picking the right dye is also dependent on what you skin color is, how you style your hair usually, the texture and volume of your hair and such. When you consider the type of hair dye to go for, along with the brand, make sure that you get your research done first.


Deciding the hue

Depending on your skin color you can pick the color range that will look good in your hair. Here are the basic conditions that you need to consider;

  • Neutral skin tones; if you have skin with olive undertones. If the clothes that you look good in are colored grey, seafoam green, pale pink, periwinkle and coral/ peach.
  • Warm skin tones; if your skin undertone is peach or yellow. The clothes that you look the best in are earthen tones like purple, khaki, brown and gold.
  • Cool skin tones; if your skin undertone is blue or violet and you look stunning in clothes of royal blue, teal, scarlet and fuchsia.


Picking the right color

When you are going to select a color within the plethora of names each brand gives out, make sure that you pick one that suits the tone of your skin. So after picking whether you need a neutral tone, warm tone or a cool tone, go crazy with the color palette. Each shade of hair dye comes with different types of selective colors that are custom made to the type of skin tone. Here are some examples;


Shade of blonde

  • Cool skin tone: Go for ash, pearl blonde, platinum and other lighter dye tones
  • Warm skin tone: Pick golden, copper blonde and other deep yellow dye tones
  • Neutral skin tone: GO for sandy, sun kissed and ombre shades


Shade of red

  • For cool skin tones: Colors that are based on violet/ blue are the best like cherry, fire engine red, strawberry blonde
  • Warm skin tones: Go for colors like titian red, auburn and cinnamon red that are based on orange
  • Neutral skin tones; a combination of brown and red is the best like amber and deep reds

When you are picking the color that you like, check with the hair stylist whether your skin color will be suitable. If you do not know your skin undertone, it will be a good idea to consult the hair stylist and go for one of the colors he/ she recommends.