Avoiding the mistakes of a fresh gardener for your herb garden

Herb gardening and organic gardening are two of the new trends that are going on, which are also great for your diet. Herb gardening provides you with fresh leaves to dress your food with and has the added benefit of being organic. But herb gardens are notorious for failing; and would be so if you do not avoid the newbie mistakes when it comes to gardening. So here is a breakdown of the main mistakes that you can avoid to make your small garden a success.


Getting wrong varieties

Unlike houseplants, herbs need a lot of attention and care. So you will be better of getting into the harb gardening notion by picking out some of the more simple and resilient herbs like basil. Basil grown really quickly and you can figure out your wrong habits when it comes to plant care and fix them accordingly. Basil showcases your attention and care really easily as it tends to wilt in front of your face when it does not have enough water.


Growing from seed

Growing herbs from seeds is good for people who work from home and can take care of the soil drying out and the seedlings getting eaten by insects. So it is a good idea to go grab some seedlings from the local herbarium or a gardening shop rather than grabbing a seeds packet. Starter kits and starter plants are widely available on local basis and you can even order online and get the kits/ seedlings delivered to your doorstep.


Not pruning often enough

Pruning plants is necessary for the plant to grow out in volume. So even if your tiny herb looks like it might die out if you take out a leaf, it is ideal to prune it be to encourage it grow its leafage. Otherwise if you do not prune it frequently enough, the plant will grow without increasing its foliage. Once you prune the stem, two new will grow from its side, and so on. So you have to prune the plant in a frequent basis and make sure you are not cutting the stems down too fast. So it is a good idea to cut another stem once the two new stems are halfway grown.

Herbs require small amounts of water in a frequent basis. So add the same amount of water on a daily basis and on a moderate level as not to drown the plant. When pruning never cut the young leaves or from the top off much as it will make the plant growth stunted.